Over 350,000 Android devices are activated daily

By George Wong – 04/15/2011

AndroidAt a past communicating of Google’s Q1 earnings for 2011, Google spoke most the growth of Android. Remember when it wasn’t likewise daylong ago that they declared over 300,000 Android devices were reactive every day? Well it looks same that sort has jumped immensely. According to Jeff Huber, Senior Vice President of Google’s Commerce and Local over 350,000 Android devices are decent reactive apiece day. Talk most a massive growth! In constituent to the unstable turn of Android phones activated, over 3 1000000000 apps hit been installed from the Android marketplace, a 50% over terminal quarter. At this rate, we’ll presently be chance most 400,000 Android phones decent reactive every period in no time. Now let’s wish the developers and Google can reassert the strength feat for the Android papers â€" they’ve got competitors who definitely aren’t feat to set around and let Android acquire unhampered. Let’s wager what the rest of the assemblage has in accumulation for the platform.

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