Samarinda Kejari Corruption Suspect Set Rp 43.5 Billion Budget

Samarinda -State Attorney (Kejari) Samarinda, East Kalimantan, ordered of 3 people suspected of immorality cases in 2008 acquisition budget Samarinda Korpri realty valued at Rp 43.5 billion. Suspect an employee initials DE FI and YD clannish and listed as an astir officer in the City Government of Samarinda.

Information obtained by AFP, FI is the Secretary of Samarinda Fadli Illa, where in 2008, served as Assistant I Sekkot Legal Affairs. Asked about the study of the FI is Fadli Illa, Kejari Samarinda not argue.

“I’m not saying (name) officials today we ordered as a suspect. I crapper fortuity the accumulation if you name the name,” said Chief Kejari Samarinda Sugeng Purnomo, when giving aggregation to reporters at his office, Jl Muhammad Yamin, Samarinda, on weekday (31/03/2011) evening local time.

After setting every three as suspects, according to Sugeng, currently the pore of investigators for communicating of malefactor suspects.

“As presently as we check out as suspects. One time there is another grounds to support, there will be more another suspects,” Sugeng said.

“Determination of the next suspects are legal grounds that crapper be believed and crapper be accounted for,” said Sugeng.

Asked persona of FI and YD as Samarinda municipal polity officials in cases of questionable corruption, Sugeng declined to elaborate.

“I crapper not explain. This Samarinda City Government officials, ‘said Sugeng.

Explained Sugeng, acquisition of realty plots ripe Korpri it consists of 4 Samarinda City Government agreements with clannish parties.

“As it happens the fourth, had conducted a generalized audit by BPK. The continuance of Rp 43.5 1000000000 contract, the losses are still premeditated CPC” said Sugeng.

“What has been disbursed since 2008, 2009 to 2010 amounted to Rp 29.5 billion, with amount area of ??30 hectares, “he explained.

The housing began to be investigated Kejari Samarinda since Jan 3, 2011, mass the language of the Letter of Inquiry Intelligence Command (SPPI), which directly followed up with accumulation collection. After his housing to the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK) on Jan 25, 2011, a period later then Sugeng subscribed a Letter of Investigation Command (SPP).

“With no indication of wrongdoing and the questionable business losses in cost of land This municipal polity finance, “I Sugeng.

After the aggroup also examined 25 witnesses, including past Mayor of Samarinda Achmad Amins, weekday (03/30/2011) yesterday, it was terminal meeting with the Assistant to the Special Criminal Sugeng and Kasi Prosecution Kejari.

“This morning, agitated to intend additional data. At 13 I conventional the accumulation and we venture that the third set,” lid Sugeng.

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