Samsung Taylor won’t get Windows Phone 7 NoDo update

By George Wong – 04/22/2011 08:06 PDT

Samsung TaylorBad news for folks rocking the image Windows Phone 7 developer sound greater identified as the Samsung President â€" according to reports on the internet, Microsoft has declared that it has no intention to alter NoDo or whatever forthcoming updates for their WP7 operative grouping to those devices. The prototypes had been presented out for free terminal assemblage to many developers to get a feel for the figure and to move writing apps for the method â€" although whatever devices hit been recognized to turn up on the activity and being sold to unsuspecting or peculiar folk.

With rumors of farther meliorate specs for the newborn WP7 phones and Nokia-WP7 devices already in the pipeline for next year, I uncertainty men and women would be employing this image sound by then. As for folks who kvetch most not becoming healthy to receive updates â€" purchase an authorised WP7 figure from a carrier instead of a image from a mortal that most probable didn’t clear for in the first place. Or you can interbreed your fingers and hope for developers to become up with custom ROMs that hit the updated WP7 to materialize on your device.

Anybody still using the Samsung Taylor?

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