Secret data stored on hard drives now possible

By Edwin Kee – 04/26/2011 00:45 PDT

Computer scientists have become up with a artefact to amend cipher aggregation which module be healthy to stash away highly huffy aggregation on arduous drives â€" all with discover requiring the ingest of some modify of encryption. This is made doable by controlling the precise disk locations that module stop the file’s accumulation fragments. The covering module be free as a modify of open-source cipher aggregation (hooray!), where it module rely on steganography â€" which is same to the ancient prowess of hiding info accumulation in plain sight. This method has been employed considering that instance immemorial to attain constructive that huffy aggregation remains safely discover of the safekeeping of adversaries. This adroit ingest of encryption, is extremely simple to detect, where you are healthy to counsel off adversaries that a thickened intend or another example of media contains accumulation thoughtful secret.

This cipher makes trusty that the individualist disk clusters which module stop the huffy aggregation fragments module be positioned in a artefact that has been predetermined by their code. Whoever desires to feature stated info info module be necessary to ingest a same covering to reassemble the file. According to the inventors, their approach makes it quite doable to stealthily store a 20MB communication on a 160GB takeout challenging drive.

The researchers recognise from the University of Southern Calif. in Los Angeles and the National University of Science and Technology in Islamabad, Pakistan, and claim that the technique haw well termination in a slight performance degradation, but the payoff haw be right worth it.

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