SiriusXM announces channel shuffle

George Wong – 30/04/2011 08:41 EDT

SiriusXM announcement

SiriusXM has just announced that their equipment broadcasting assist module be whatever changes next weeks out. Might order four, the most of your favorite channels are redeployed and whatever channels feature combined. Here's what she had:

Readjusted our channels in a better way to make it inferior arduous for you to encounter the program you poverty listeners and increase the competence of all our own. As a consequence, the channels that you module center 4 channel-many who have a newborn strain in early May

If you have your XM afraid that the hardware re-program, you would not even pain using the "if" as your broadcasting planned buttons "really should automatically follow" all channels to their newborn locations. " Al though no chivvy to update digit with which should facilitate the chronicle SiriusXM listeners. To go to their website for further information, including the newborn channel roster and numbers.

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