Sony Ericsson W15 Walkman phone to arrive this quarter?

By martyr Wong – 04/14/2011

Sony Ericsson W15

Bear in mind the Walkman sound vexer we reportable most last month? Nicely, since then we haven’t heard anything else most the Walkman phone. Properly some folks hit reportable that the initial Walkman Android handset module be famous as the W15 is it module resember the Xperia X8 in terms of looks. It module arrange a 3″ HVGA touchscreen, a “dedicated penalization chip” (god knows what that could be), a 3.2 megapixel camera, and a 600MHz processor. Other capabilities contain a “specially matured contact interface” and primary Walkman apps. No articulate on what version of Android (Gingerbread hopefully) or pricing for the phone, but it is due to drop after this period or next month. Stay tuned for such more particulars.

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