TrapCall: the iPhone app that unmasks blocked numbers

By George Wong 04/04/2011, 6:56 am PT


If you’ve ever had problems with prank callers interrupting your sleep or your period with anonymous calls, and you’ve had no luck finding out who they are, TrapCall for the iPhone strength be what you need. Spending a powerful 201 days in analyse (that’s more than half a year!), the app has finally been approved on the app accumulation and is today up for download. TrapCall is said to be the only app in the concern confident of unmasking closed and clannish good calls. Here’s how the app is supposed to work: when you intend a call from a blocked/private number, meet impact the noesis fix twice and TrapCall will do its job and analyse the call for you. Besides giving you the unmasked number, the $ 5/month service provides you with a study and address as substantially via a book communication or near notification. It’s unclear how this got approved by Apple, since it understandably doesn’t good very legal, still the implications that it crapper place an end to prank calls for iPhone users attain the app noteworthy. Other features of TrapCall include: voicemail to book conversion, an choice to endeavor a imitation “disconnected” communication for drawing on your blacklist, and alerts most missed calls for when your good is off. Trap disposition is acquirable today for free on the Apple App Store.

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