USB drives made from film canisters

By George Wong – 04/21/2011 03:30 UTC

USB Film CanisterIf there’s 1 factor still hasn’t gone discover of fashion however, it’s the transformation of retrospective objects into USB drives or portable tough disks. We’ve observed every sorts of retrospective objects upgraded preceding to â€" from disc disks to Super Nintendo recreation cartridges and modify LEGO figures. Well today we hit 1 much more to add to the itemize â€" flick canisters.

newfocus’ accumulation on Etsy are commerce 35mm flick canisters that hit been repurposed into USB winkle drives. What a neat notion, taking into consideration how it was digital technologies that led to the modification of film, and today we hit the relic of the past existence engaged in a recent day manner.

The ammo USB drives are handstitched and arrange from 2GB to 4GB of storage. The 2GB edition expenses $ 18.99 modify though the 4GB edition costs $ 23.99. They are on understanding today on newfocus’ Etsy store. It’s the ideal heritage for a photography enthusiast or for somebody who meet likes aggregation retrospective objects.

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