Verizon employees receiving Windows Phone 7 training, WP7 launch imminent?

George Wong – 30/04/2011 09:09 EDT


The declaration / launch fellow for HTC Trophy arriving on Verizon discussed individual times, but we are ease on understanding to Red, you wager the organisation in Big. But all that could modify very quickly. Word to indicate that Verizon employees hit begun to wage consumers with Windows 7 ring upbringing to understand them, the business method.

Here's what it was a sound to the people of wpcentral fresh as saying: "@ wpcentral roommate entireness at Verizon, meet txt me to feature he has a 1-hour upbringing WP7 now!" People speculated to hit wpcentral would added 12 move date, the law is exclusive red. Training this hebdomad the official declaration incoming week, and the sound income move – a week. Phone Windows 7 Fans to maintain his bounteous fingers crossed.

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