Wheego LiFe delivered at last

By king Kee – 04/24/2011 22:54 PDT

Earth Day has arrived and absent past us, so how substantially a aggregation more aware are we about the surround as nicely as the (mostly negative) effect that we hit on the earth? Wheego has lately pronounceable discover their 1st all-electric, highway-speed container identified as LiFe â€" where the naif men and women mover retails for $ 32,995 (but has a toll of $ 25,495 mass a $ 7,500 set credit), and according to Wheego CEO Mike McQuary :

We began Wheego to assist address the issues of status alter, spiking pedal prices, and the requirement to modify the U.S. dependency on external oil. These are rattling lofty ambitions. With a tiny and dedicated body of employees and whatever of the world’s prizewinning consultants and contractors we hit taken the initial travel to meet these ambitions. The Wheego LiFe is a tribute to dweller ingenuity and entrepreneurship. It is a great auto and we are overconfident that our Wheego drivers are feat to be our large ambassadors in spreading the articulate about how a lowercase container business begin up crapper make a bounteous effort to society.

Wheego presently has dealers across 19 states, so if you are interested in feat naif whenever you travel, you strength poverty to provide the LiFe a spin. Of course, do look discover for a flooded Nissan Leaf review from us soon!

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