Wii price slashed down to $169.99 everywhere

By Raymond Wong – 04/17/2011

This is what we call the stabilize preceding to the storm. The calm, becoming the Wii‘s new MSRP of $ 169.99. The storm, existence the highly-anticipated Wii HD/2 housing that will entry at E3 in June. Nintendo hasn’t officially acknowledged an official toll revilement (rumored to be reduced to $ 150), but retails crossways the U.S. hit already produced the move, descending the Wii from $ 199.99 by $ 30. The last outlay revilement was backwards in 2009, a slash of $ 50. By now, most individuals who wanted a Wii will already hit 1, but for those who haven’t condemned the plunge, this could be the test push. It’s cushy to countenance at the Wii and laugh at its worthless amount of good calibre games, but Wii-fanboys/girls will verify you distinct. If you maintain an open mind, you’ll conceive plentitude of games that provide lots of value. Off the bat, I crapper declare both Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Super Paper Mario, No A lot more Heroes 1 and 2, Mad World, Epic Mickey and The Conduit. Share with us what games you are playing on the Wii. Or verify us if your Wii is already aggregation dust.

Besides, the Wii 2/HD isn’t due to be launched until 2012. But that’s meet gossip chatter.

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