XM-25 computer smartgun promo video released

By George Wong 04/06/2011, three:44 am PT


The XM-25, laptop or computer smartgun from ATK that lately conventional a $ 66 million lessen and is becoming touched into production stages has meet been shown soured in an awesome recording demonstration. The futuristic instrument is far more than meet a assemblage of metal and bullets â€" it packs a pc that makes the armament even a aggregation more bruising than ever. An modern aiming and chase system that makes it doable for users to take downbound enemies exactly and speedily, it also functions the power to detonate frag shells at assorted distances. This makes it doable for soldiers to make ingest of assorted tactical approaches when handling with targets hiding behind covers or around the corner. The XM-25 also supports some assorted types of ammo, for various uses depending on the scenario, and as a last resort, the armament crapper also expeditiously impact as a exemplary conflict piece when used in close range. Hit the break to watch the demo recording of the XM-25 in action:

XM25 from PEO Soldier on Vimeo.

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