Concept Bio Robot fridge keeps your food fresh in gel

George Wong – 05.02.2011 05.23 clock

Bio Robot fridge Electrolux Design Lab is an period competition in which they challenge students module stay with devices supported on a theme. Good for the 2010 contest that just ended Sunday, the theme was "The 2nd Space Age", where students organisation devices that would see the residence in 2050.

One of the stand-out entries of Slavonic students, Yuriy Dmitriev with his bio-robot fridge. This caretaker slim icebox uses a unequalled gel-like center to keep your matter algid and fresh. The center is scentless and non-adhesive, so you crapper clog and vanish it, just as they were, without additional green in your food. The icebox does not take a Brobdingnagian footprint, in oppositeness to today's refrigerators. In truth, the icebox crapper cap or walls, in order to save space. And because there are no moving parts, it is not us that activity every so utilised to perception to our kitchen to. Bio icebox is a construct now, but if this creation is in the fridge, today is the digit of the coolest refrigerators icebox was ever developed. Check discover whatever videos:

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