Facebook is a spy machine

By king Kee – 02.05.2011 21.45 measure

According to Wikileaks founders Julian Assange he talked most social networks in an interview with Russia these days, Facebook rebukes as "the worst spy machine invented ever." Assange claims that Facebook users is a Brobdingnagian database of obloquy and information most people, which was maintained by voluntary, it is developed for ingest in U.S. intelligence. One abstract is certain: Osama containerful Laden has a Facebook statement where he was based in Pakistan, because demand of immobile telephone distinction or network.

Assange claims that "everyone should understand that when they add their friends to Facebook, they are agencies to implement free impact for U.S. info and the cerebration of the database for them."

Not only that every U.S. info agencies admittance to Facebook recordings, the procreation of dangerous done enough. What do you conceive of every that stuff? Would you such more careful with your posts from now?

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