LG Revolution press shot leaked

George Wong – 05.01.2011 02.45 clock

LG Revolution The Pocketnow team seems really on a roll. They shot get his hands on her another leaked advise one, and this instance it's the LG revolution. Oncoming Android LG sound for Verizon is and join the ranks of the HTC Thunderbolt Droid as the ordinal batch 4G LTE Verizon phones. The date low the Samsung phone, advise the ball as Kon 25 – hit today addicted that on the day we see the sound released or officially announced, but dead nothing about.

The LG Revolution is digit of the most anticipated Verizon phones this year, perhaps because Android sound Netflix to hold the first. Shortly after all, you must unification the 4G? Hopefully we crapper encounter such more careful the coming weeks.

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