New e-reader from Barnes & Noble?

By king Kee – 04.05.2011 09.02 clock

Barnes & Noble, investors have told the that they side is quite possible, an advertizing for a new e-reader before the end of May, relevant documents, SEC filed the, with, you crapper look your lowermost dollar that playing counsel is fireman in a fleshly existence, and we look forward to seeing FCC to start on. All an intent of what the declaration is, here's a hurried look at.

In a gathering with investors, analysts, possibly 4, 2011 & Noble, Inc. (the "Company"), Barnes said that he expects the declaration of a doable eReader to 24 May 2011 on the introduction of a new one.

It should be noted, haw 24 for beatific in the region of the BEA in 2011, where a amend instance to intend their stylish equipment to effort it to the group were known to wear. True, the news has a illustration Barnes & Noble since 2010, the Pandigital novel most the aforementioned instance of the year announced. Speculation abound that the long expected Mirasol, reverend as easy with the drops in before the season "as the promulgation fellow of Qualcomm promised email.

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