Nikon mirrorless camera to ship with trio of lenses and 2.6x crop factor (Rumor)

By Edwin Kee – 05.05.2011 22.46 clock

Nikon's info mirror camera has a some info and some rumors it all over the place, so to win something a maker of reliable, there is no way the concern we would not move at the quantity to work with. It seems that bourgeois that the stylish aggregation the device in the next EVIL camera has a 2.6x crop. It seems aforementioned the majority of the previously filed patents also exhibit an ikon device with a diameter of 17 mm (diagonal) and a 2.5 pasture factor. Just what is the disagreement between 2.5 and 2.6x? That would be really due to rounding, and when this part of the accumulation evidenced to be correct, the Nikon mirror-less device are touted tinier than the underway Micro Four Thirds info (size: 21.6 mm, 2x pasture factor).

The rumor also points to a triad of new lenses, the aforementioned time the mirror camera produces inferior diced is authorised – and the bright triad consists of a large pancake, and a some zooms. Just for your information, it is remarkable that a clump of diminutive mirror focal lengths for individualist patents were filed before.

How true are the rumors? Wish me the thumbs and wait for that something official.

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