PlayStation Network: More Attacks Coming This Week-End (IRC rumors)

By Hubert Nguyen – 05.05.2011 20.06 clock

PlayStation Network

CNET reports that hackers PlayStation Network preparation for a new gesture of attacks on as primeval as this weekend. The information should) come from an IRC user (Web Relay Chat. The IRC chatter, say hackers watch current access to Sony's network, despite past efforts of the section line.

You crapper be positive that Sony and the FBI are preparing to study the hacker assemble Anonymous as, suspected of belonging to a currently known. That is, the anonymous assemble denies problem has to do with anything.

Currently, it is arduous to say whether hackers crapper penetrate the can, in fact, the new section that Sony is beefing. A professional section has fresh said a government panel, the machine security) Sony was sagging or extinct (Firewalls. Sony has still to interpret on the matter, but problems are arduous to obtain, and users are frustrated acquisition. We observed that in the comments on this website.

Now Sony will most likely already scrambling his laptop or machine section team and suspenseful move and guardian the network state …

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