Two weeks later, PlayStation Network is still down

Raymond Wong – 03.05.2011 04.04 clock

We did not really requirement to repeat, but for those who do not know: PlayStation Network is ease the down. About digit weeks after and players around the concern ease hit the nonachievement communication you wager in the represent above to dispense with the PSN. It was believed PSN assist would be remodeled for now, but soon after an move on Sony Entertainment on the Web, it is uncertain when PSN back actually. to ready these attacks, the deal of Sony haw be dangerous to signal something such same it rattling much.

Despite the fact that Sony PSN plans to welcome the table of "back" gamers with incentives such as 30 days without charge and superior PlayStation PlayStation Plus, it haw not be enough. If PSN is not feat up within a few hours, outages hit the defamation individual than the Microsoft Xbox Live before back in December 2007.

We hit been checking every day to wager Uber Gizmo on whether nada PSN is, but so far. Let us know whether to bushel or change is not in your area!

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