BenQ DC E1220

By Jason Saundalkar BenQ-DC-E1220 BenQ DC E1220 features a 12-megapixel sensor that’s unvoluntary by a 1/2.3-inch CCD and offers 3x optical zoom. Studying the E1220 captures we institute it a decorous performer. Day shots were colouration faithful and showed beatific oppositeness and brightness. Noise wasn’t an issue in these shots though cranking up the camera’s ISO in low-light conditions showed circumpolar noise modify on the 800 setting.

As the BenQ lacks a sacred viewfinder you hit to ingest the 3-inch LCD and this is where the camera stumbles. Shooting at midday in gleaming light we struggled to characterize what was on the LCD and modify after we took shots, the LCD wasn’t impressive in cost of display us what we meet captured. We detected farther more detail on the images when we viewed them on our PC’s LCD screen.

When held, the Benq DC E1220 feels its toll despite its otherwise solidified looks. The camera feels a lowercase less sturdy and buttons hit to be pressed with conscious-effort before they react. The latter is specially manifest with regard to the ascent controls and the playback button. On the interface face the BenQ doesn’t win some awards; though its interface is ultimate and illogical to use.

Verdict: The DC E1220 is an inexpensive 12-megapixel camera that meet most holds its own against its more pricey competition.


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