iTunes shows automatic app syncing in iOS 5

Apple gave a possible evidence to an iOS 5 feature with a mention of automatic app syncing in iTunes. A analyse of the app updates tender by Marcelo Alves showed that a figure crapper be enabled for Automatic Download to intend both purchased apps and updates directly, without having to unification up to iTunes. No feature of the category exists in iOS 4.3, directive MacRumors to suggest the notice (since pulled) was a evidence as to what was in accumulation at WWDC.

"Or if your figure has Automatic Download enabled for apps, your updates will download to your figure without having to sync," the blurb said.

The feature doesn't equate to over-the-air updates to the firmware itself, which would let users ready iOS devices independent of a computer. It does hold Apple agitated towards OTA upgrading and would ease catch up to whatever platforms. At least whatever HTC Android devices crapper automatically intend apps on a new device, for example.

Emerging info saucer to Apple making cross-device sync a staple feature of not just iOS 5 but devices interacting with it. Multiple rumors preserve of Time Capsules with iOS update caching that would ready an update reachable without needing a computer. Storage at the router would have little saucer if the devices couldn't be updated directly.


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