LG launches Cinema 3D TV line

LG today launched its next procreation Cinema 3D TV arrange at Ferrari World, Yas Island, in Abu Dhabi.

"LG is inaugural a newborn chapter in the development of concern TV by transfer CINEMA 3D TV to consumers in the region. It represents the unconditional pinnacle of 3D TV recreation using the rattling best of recent original profession from LG, The modify result is a superior creation that is trusty to place us at the rattling perspective of TV markets the concern over," said K.W. Kim, President, LG Electronics, Middle East & Africa Region.


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Hollywood's Megan Fox also attended the start circumstance and added, "I've been totally impressed by LG's CINEMA 3D TVs. The represent is awesome and the 3D is incredible; I can't wait to get one".

The next-generation 3D TV's ingest LG's patented Film Patterned Retarder (FPR) profession which LG claims enhances the watch experience. Whilst using the lightweight (16gm) 3D glasses, FPR is said to wage a crisper and sharper rendered 3D image, and one that is comfortable and viewable for long periods.

FPR profession also allows for wider watch positions thus making it suitable for watch by large groups. Furthermore, LG's Light Boost profession ensures that 3D pictures appear brighter and clearer to the viewer. LG says the TVs also ship with modern 2D to 3D converters, allowing you to view existing 2D noesis in 3D.

"LG's noesis of ensuring additional comfort with a crystal-clear and uncreased 3D ikon is certified ‘Flicker-Free' by TÜV and Intertek, two world-renowned profession investigating agencies," explained Kim. "By addressing the issue of flickering and cross-talk, LG has ensured that dizziness or even sickness that could change people watching 3D TV is no individual an issue."

All LG Cinema 3D TVs are also equipped with Smart TV functions that allows users admittance to the Internet and services much as YouTube. Kim had this to feature about Smart TV functionality, "What we have here is a state-of-the-art creation that marries broad calibre action with conception and the rattling latest in subject advancement. LG's CINEMA 3D TV is effectively the most rank broadcasting acquirable in the mart today for TV viewing, gaming and online connectivity. With its Smart TV functions, LG opens up a full newborn concern of noesis to consumers."

The entire LG Cinema 3D TV arrange is acquirable now across the UAE.


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