Motorola ES400S (Sprint)

Motorola-ES400S The Motorola ES400S isn't an mediocre cell phone, or modify an mediocre business-class phone. Instead, it's what Motorola calls an Enterprise Digital Assistant, fashioned for playing users in plumb markets, as substantially as for aggregation sharing crossways multiple devices. It also meets expeditionary description 810G, message that it crapper endure individual foot drops onto objective as substantially as extreme wind, rain, dust, and another conditions. Regular consumers should stay away from this sound for a assemblage of reasons, but the joint sector may encounter what it wants here.

Design, Keyboard, and disposition Quality

The ES400S isn't small, but presented its clifflike design, that's to be expected. It measures 5.1 by 2.4 by 0.7 inches (HWD) and weighs 5.5 ounces with the accepted 1540mAh battery. An optional, tremendous 3080mAh long shelling adds an extra cat and another digit tenths of an progress in depth. You'll poverty this, because the ES400S's paltry speech instance of meet 3 hours and 25 transactions with the accepted shelling was a actual disappointment. The 3-inch PenTile LCD pass is a difference of old and newborn technologies. It's impressible and resistive, it offers accepted VGA (640-by-480-pixel) resolution, and it's fashioned to be used with the supplied impressible stylus, every of which makes the concealment old tech. But it's also LED-backlit and features exteroception feedback, which are digit unusual features for a stylus-based display. Regardless, it looks unco gleaming and colorful for a impressible screen.

Typing on the quaternary bed QWERTY keyboard was cushy presented the prominently upraised impressible keys. The resistive pass and prominent keys are fashioned for workers wearing gloves, Motorola told us when the sound originally launched. Dialing numbers was sluggish, and the tones for each key measured discover of sync with my dialing. A biometric fingerprint detector resides on the back panel; you crapper ingest this in lieu of a password for unlocking the handset, which is rattling convenient in secure environments.

The ES400S offers threefold 3.5G broadband on both GSM (HSDPA) and CDMA (EV-DO Rev A) networks. That effectuation an IT division crapper control digit bet of same ES400Ss, and deploy them crossways the world on meet most some network. You crapper modify alter them between networks when necessary, forward your company has the correct assist plans in place. The ES400S also includes 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi support. Voice quality was alright for the most part, with digit exception: I heard conformable scenery hiss during every calls. Some handsets expel a lowercase sound when the concealment is lit, but this was a earnest hiss reaching finished the earpiece. Otherwise, voices measured uncolored both in the earpiece and finished the microphone. Reception was average.

Calls measured country finished an Aliph Jawbone Icon Bluetooth headset ($99, 4 stars). The Voice Commander app was inactive to respond, but voice dialing worked dustlike over Bluetooth. The speakerphone went extremely loud. The ES400S also has a programmable push-to-talk fix that works with the pertinent Sprint plan, albeit not on the Nextel network.

Hardware, Vertical Markets, and Apps

Under the hood, the ES400S packs a 600 rate Qualcomm MSM7627 ARM11 processor, GPS, 256MB RAM, and 1GB of storage. The ES400 runs Windows Embedded Handheld, an offshoot of Windows Mobile 6.5.3 Professional, a hirsute old ambulatory OS that Microsoft itself has largely pushed divagation in lieu of Windows Phone 7. But Windows Mobile ease has a locate in the enterprise, because of older line-of-business apps which super businesses poverty to ready using. IT managers crapper also organisation a custom project UI that hides unnecessary apps and features. In this respect, it's a aggregation same a managed concealment PC.

For example, on the app front, the ES400S supports a panoramic difference of project applications, including listing management, barcode scanning, CRM grouping tie-ins, placing orders, capturing signatures discover in the field, and real-time routing information. Typical customers for a sound same this allow those in manufacturing, transportation, field income and service, retail, and aid markets. To verify the latter as meet digit example, ambulatory aid workers crapper ingest handhelds same the ES400S to analyse enduring histories, verify shelter information, construe medications and equipment, and visit newborn supplies.

With every that in mind, the ES400S crapper rattling intend down to business. The main concealment consists of octad road tiles that substance into e-mail, messaging, calendar, and another tasks; most likely your IT division module lock these to specific apps. While digit scrolling works to swipe between the threesome home screens in a pinch, you'll requirement the supplied tool and plentitude of digit pressure to intend some actual work done.

Despite every its flaws, Windows Mobile 6.5 connects substantially to playing systems, with built-in Microsoft Office, Exchange Server, and Direct Push E-Mail compatibility. You'll have no problems syncing this sound with Microsoft Outlook or redaction Word and Excel documents. That said, the preloaded IE6 ambulatory application is sluggish; grab a free double of Opera Mobile if your IT division lets you.

Multimedia, Camera, and Conclusions

The non-standard 2.5mm headphone jack is a downer to begin with, but Windows Mobile's have music and recording player is terrible. You won't poverty to ingest the ES400S as a stand-in for an iPod, and it's not meant to be digit anyway. The 3.2-megapixel camera has an diode winkle but lacks auto-focus. It takes dim photos and records small, choppy recording clips. A much meliorate ingest for the camera is listing management, presented the desegrated flushed distinction aimer that crapper construe digit and two-dimensional barcodes.

You intend the idea. The Motorola ES400S is a playing collection handheld that's most as unsexy as possible. But it module meet the needs of some businesses streaming legacy WinMo apps that either in-house or third-party developers aren't porting to another papers some instance soon. The direct rivalry for the ES400, handheld and platform-wise, is over in Research In Motion's camp; project BlackBerry devices also substance broad remote direction tools and a slew of plumb market apps. Intermec also makes project Windows Mobile devices rattling kindred to this one, but they're substantially more expensive.

Choosing this phone is more most what assist contracts your company signs, and what apps you requirement to run for your business. From this angle, the ES400S succeeds as a solid project device. It's not at every pleasurable to use; if you're reaching from an Android, iOS, or BlackBerry, you'll encounter this sound bulky, sluggish, and abominably frustrating. But used within its witting limits, the ES400S module intend the job done, and it's virtually undestroyable to boot.


Continuous speech time: 3 hours 25 transactions


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