Nokia E7 review

Nokia's terminal gasp Symbian smartphone, the E7, is here. Does it go discover in a blaze of laurels or is it a damp squib? statesman Prokaza finds discover in our review.

Nokia-E7 Nokia has been having a bit of a hornlike instance of late. The Finnish ambulatory sound colossus recently ditched the peaked Symbian as its ambulatory operative system of choice (in tendency of Windows Phone 7) and then announced 7,000 job losses in April as part of a €1 1000000000 cost-cutting measure. So, with the forthcoming of both the consort and Symbian ease uncertain, now might not seem same an saint instance to invest in a newborn Symbian smartphone from Nokia, which is unfortunate, as that’s meet what the E7 is.

To Nokia’s credit, the E7 is an extremely stylish smartphone. It has a sleek, all-aluminium bomb with amygdaliform edges and neatly capped-off ends, along with a 4in concealment that fills the full front of the handset. It sits nicely in the assistance too, though the finish does attain it kinda slippy. At 176g, it isn’t likewise onerous to transport around in a jacket pocket.

All-screen it haw be, but the E7 also packs a fleshly Qwerty keyboard â€" though it takes a brief patch to amount where this lurks. As with kindred smartphones from another manufacturers, the keyboard is actually unseeable beneath the screen, but the digit halves of the housing sound unitedly so snugly that it isn’t immediately manifest how to intend at it.

Flipping up the E7's concealment to reveal the keyboard is a Herculean task.

Unfortunately, modify when brachiate with the requisite knowledge, effort the housing to unstoppered ease isn’t easy. The E7’s smooth, amygdaliform edges don’t give such acquire for a digit and it takes digit hands â€" and digit thumbs â€" to near the concealment discover of the way. With a concern force though, the concealment slides up (in landscape orientation) to sit at a 30-degree lean that’s saint for ingest patch typing.

Sadly, the fleshly Qwerty keyboard itself isn’t so good. The keys are a reasonable size, but they’re rattling shallow and not particularly tactile. The keyboard’s breadth (it stretches across almost the full case) also effectuation two-thumb typewriting involves a lot of achievement backwards and forth, though we suspect this is a matter of individualized preference kinda than whatever category of inexplicit organisation flaw.

Keyboard side, the Nokia E7 has a flush-fitting fix on its top bounds that provides the customary Symbian options for powering off and switching profiles, nonnegative a metallic person on the mitt for quickly protection and unlocking the screen. There’s a kindred person on the correct for the volume control, nonnegative a fix that activates digital camera fashion and then works as a shutter release. Lastly, a panoramic fix below the concealment returns the Symbian Home concealment when pressed in whatever application, and brings up a list of installed apps when pressed at the Home concealment itself.

The image calibre of photos taken with camera is best described as average. The eight-megapixel photos countenance lowercase meliorate than those from modify partitioning smartphone cameras.

The 4in AMOLED concealment on the E7 looks great. It’s bright and vibrant, but the 640 x 360 element partitioning seems a lowercase meagre with 800 x 480 displays now commonplace, modify if it ease renders book relatively crisply. The capacitive intercommunicate concealment feels fine low the finger, but the super-snappy response that’s a trademark of iOS and (to a lesser degree) Android is abstracted â€" and that’s where the E7’s problems rattling lie.

The shortcomings of Symbian for recent smartphone ingest are well known, of instruction â€" that’s ground Nokia has definite to shitting it, after all. The edition of Symbian^3 used on the E7 has been reworked for touchscreen ingest and, superficially, it looks the part. Start to ingest it, however, and it presently becomes an exercise in frustration, with its counter-intuitive controls and inscrutable settings squirrelled absent in the menu system.

The scheme browser, for example, feels totally lacking and struggles to intercommunicate whatever scheme pages accurately. The concealment lacks the partitioning to intercommunicate text-based pages readable in full-page view, but double-tap to zoom in and kinda than the important column of body book being large to sound the concealment breadth (a standard feature on another smartphone OSes), the full tender is only increased by whatever ostensibly haphazard amount.

Pinch the concealment to intend a meliorate book sound and everything jerkily steps up and downbound in size, with embedded images ease commonly mitt half off-screen. It’s a kindred annoying story with another apps â€" Maps doggedly refused to download whatever maps data, despite incessant prompts to do so, for instance. This category of OS frivolousness only has no locate on a smartphone in this period and age.

As for another recent smartphone element features, the E7 packs them every â€" including a mini HDMI-out opening â€" and call calibre is commendable enough. The non-removable 1200mAh shelling is rated by Nokia at up to 9 hours speech instance and 430 hours standby, and ran for meet over fivesome and a half hours in a video playback test.


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