Olympus E-PM1 PEN Mini leaks out

OlympusE-PM1inlineA photo of the Olympus PEN mini E-PM1 has been leaked to 43 Rumors. The newborn Micro Four Thirds info camera compares in filler with the Olympus XZ-1, existence slightly large in breadth and same height and depth. Olympus has promised the newborn PEN camera module feature an ultrafast autofocus that the company says is faster than the Panasonic GH2 AF and some DSLR cameras on the market today.

The E-PM1 PEN module also hit a touchscreen and a newborn imaging engine and sensor. Improved circuitry should deliver low power activity and accumulated shelling life.

The Olympus E-PM1 PEN module hit its authorised unveiling on June 30.


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