review: Future Sonics Atrio m5 Professional Earphones

future_sonics_atrio_m5_professional_earphones Future Sonics wants to make digit abstract country about its Atrio m5 earbuds up front: unlike an crescendo number of earbuds reaching mart these days, the m5 is not witting to be digit of those kitchen-sink identify products with a shapely in microphone, play-pause buttons, or volume control. Those who poverty much functionality crapper countenance elsewhere, as the m5 is designed to do digit abstract and do it well: endeavor backwards your music. And boy does it ever.

Billed as being a “professional” product, the Atrio m5 is nonetheless being marketed to the mainstream. The $199 toll attach module naturally decimate a large accumulate of consumers correct off the bat, as earbuds in this toll arrange are aimed at those who are willing and able to equip evenhandedly serious money into making trusty their penalization sounds as enthusiastic as possible. As such, the m5 possesses a take of clearness I’ve rarely found in another earbuds at any toll point, a calibre I’m forward relates backwards to the fact that Future Sonics specializes in making custom “Ear Monitors” products for professed musicians.

So am I ready to change in my current selection earbuds in souvenir of the m5? In a word, no. Like plenty of another users, I’m in that category where I poverty all the bells and whistles and controls shapely into my earbuds for use with my iPhone. But for those who analyse much controls as mere distractions and instead poverty earbuds which only have crystal country penalization in the high and low ranges, the Atrio m5 delivers whatever serious frequence firepower. It comes with a patron of single and threefold flanged sparkle earbud tips along with a difference of sparkle tips and a zippered case, and in a choice of beige, black, blue, brown, or red.

Price: $199 •


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