review: Munitio Nine Millimeter Earphones

Munitio-Nine-Millimeter-Earphones Bass lovers, rejoice. Munitio has delivered its “Nine Millimeter Earphones” which unapologetically crank up the voice ratio, and do so within an frequence scape which sounds fantastic. At $179, the Munitio had meliorate good fantastic, of course. But while the middle and low end of the earbud toll range has a clean number of options which offer a higher than usual voice to treble ratio, this creation represents an possibleness for voice lovers to move into the higher-end of the mainstream earbud pricing spectrum. And when it comes to accentuated-bass earbuds, Munitio has the clearest voice of any I’ve ever tested.

However, a pair of things about the Munitio haw make you think twice. The creation is clearly aimed at users of iPhones and other much devices, as evidenced by the shapely in microphone and play/pause/answer button. However, it lacks the concomitant intensity buttons which are nearly ever accepted these days with any mic-enabled earbuds above the $100 toll point. Also, the design of the earbud itself places the foam correct up against the barrel, meaning that the containerful presses up against your fruit â€" a non issue if you hit medium to large fruit canals, but haw be less easy than you’re expecting if you hit small fruit canals.

If you can countenance time those issues, however, the Munitio represents a thin possibleness to get your safekeeping on bass-accentuated earbuds whose coverall good calibre is up in the broad end of consumer-level quality. Comes in a pick of silver, gold, or black, and comes with a slim leather carrying pouch as substantially as a difference of foam earbud tips.

Price: $179 • Beatweek

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