Samsung 5-inch Galaxy Player gets $270 Best Buy price leak

samsunggalaxyplayer5-priceleaklg Best Buy's ambulatory app unknowingly gave absent possible pricing for the Galaxy Player 5. Also known as the Galaxy S Wi-Fi 5.0 elsewhere, the five-inch, 8GB Android contestant is shown costing $270. The toll puts it substantially above a similar iPod touch, although it has a much large display, a higher-resolution three-megapixel camera, real GPS, FM radio, and a microSDHC card slot.

Neither Best Buy nor Samsung has confirmed the pricing. The device's proximity would still line up with official plans for a outflow launch. Just the 8GB power module be available, but a four-inch Galaxy Player 4 is also on touch that should become closer to the $230 mark of the iPod.

Both are effectively versions of the Galaxy S without the phone and share the aforementioned edition of Android 2.2 with Samsung's TouchWiz programme on top.


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