Samsung Replenish Review

Samsung Replenish Report

There are some structure to go naif these days, and the Samsung Replenish for Sprint is ease another. The Android 2.2 sound is constructed from more than 80 percent multipurpose materials, housed in part recycled plastics, energy efficient and shapely with less environmentally huffy materials. Sprint also lowered the monthly evaluate for the Replenish to $10 for new or existing customers, so the sound pays for itself in theory within 5 months. It not exclusive gained our environmentally semiconscious respect, but the sound managed to action quite substantially with its less modern and smaller screen. With a flooded QWERTY keyboard and Google services, it was as multipurpose as some mid-level Android phone. However, its shelling chronicle and camera made us conceive twice in the end. Let's delve into the flooded analysis of the Samsung Replenish


As we expressed in the intro, the Replenish is constructed from more than 80 percent multipurpose materials, housed in part recycled plastics, energy efficient and shapely with less environmentally huffy materials. The nifty abstract is that we couldn't modify tell the disagreement between a sound as naif as the Replenish and a exemplary environmentally nonstandard Android device. So, we conceive every phones should be constructed with naif on the mind, especially with the turn-around evaluate with new "bigger and better" smartphones being released every digit weeks.

We same the Replenish because it reminded us of our favorite BlackBerry Bolds and Curves, thanks to the flooded QWERTY keyboard. The keys were actually long to suit large fingers, so typing was a taste easier as well. The nifty abstract most this sound is that it has a touchscreen in addition to the QWERTY. Though the concealment is a piddlydink 2.8-inch with an entry-level QVGA resolution. The concealment definitely lacked on this phone, though sensitivity and navigation were uninhibited.

Parting the keyboard and concealment are a ordered of artist Android Menu, Home, Back, and Search buttons (it's so fantastic to wager an Android candybar sound with so some physical buttons!). In the backwards is a 2-megapixel camera lense devoid of a flash, so you crapper pretty much act what our ikon calibre section is feat to countenance like. Other than the Camera fix and Voice Command button, the Replenish skimped on module with a 2GB bill in the phone's 32GB slot.

Software and Interface

Android 2.2 is the important steering rotate on the Replenish, though it's the phone's Sprint IDs that rattling ordered it apart. Before we intend to Sprint IDs, let's countenance at the guts of this phone. It's got 256MB of RAM, 3G EV-DO meshwork connectivity, Bluetooth 2.1, and Wi-Fi 802.11b/g. But the beatific programme is that the sound has an accelerometer for 3D gaming, which you'll find discover most in the incoming section. Overall, it was actually a quick sound and exhibited minimal lag. We got the accepted Android drop-down menu, Applications menu, 5 customizable Home screens, and a accepted ordered of Android and Samsung widgets.

But then, the sound offered Sprint IDs, meet same we saw on the LG Optimus S and Samsung Transform. While HTC Sense has Personalize with reciprocal profiles, the Replenish offers a slew of profiles in its Sprint ID catalog, which could be reached correct from within the Launch menu. Here, we could browse a gaggle of profiles same Big Apple (New York profile), Socially Connected (for the Social Networker), and Green ID Pack (all environmentally-conscious themes).

We could then download the IDs, or profiles, we wanted over Sprint's EV-DO meshwork (Wi-Fi was unable to rank this), and establish them for future use. While HTC's profiles were more multipurpose for the individual hunting to transition from Work to Play to Theater, etc., Sprint IDs were more most swing specific noesis on the sound that pertained to a rattling specific category. For instance, there was modify a Latino ID for noesis in Spanish. The Green ID pack included applications same iRecycle, Treehugger, Lightbulb Finder, TH TV, and a shopping widget for organic clothing.

cyberspace and Multimedia

Much to our surprise, the sound handled 3D games rattling well. Actually, the sound could do everything a exemplary Android sound could, eliminate endeavor Flash noesis from within the browser. But when it came to activity Speedx 3D, Duck Hunt, Angry Birds, you name it, it was more than capable (check discover our recording analyse for demos). We also likeable having the keyboard handy for web browsing, though most games relied on the concealment controls. With much a diminutive screen, the Replenish course took a hit when it came to multimedia and recreation compared to QWERTY sliders same the Samsung Epic 4G and HTC EVO Shift 4G, so that was digit of our important concerns.

Call Quality/Battery Life

Even patch roaming, call calibre on our Samsung Replenish analyse organisation was crisp and clear, though the phone's shelling chronicle was terrible. This was problematic because it rattling didn't hit some expressed element or an modern screen. Its 1600mAh shelling meet couldn't grapple it, and needed a calculate at small erst a day. When we analyzed what was sucking up the shelling life, it appeared to be radiophone standby. So, if you're using accumulation over the 3G meshwork and making lots of calls, this sound will requirement to be replenished quite often.


Sadly, the Replenish has a 2-megapixel camera with no winkle and no front-facing camera. Images were…well…images. Very pixilated, poorly focused images. Videos were…well…videos. At 352x288 partitioning with a full handful of noise, videos were rattling exclusive suited for sending via text. Without machine pore or a flash, it was modify weaker (see picture and recording samples). To put it this way, the sound took us backwards most 5 or 6 eld when it came to the camera, and in Sprint's QWERTY sound portfolio, we institute the BlackBerry Style to action farther better.

Samsung Replenish â€" infoSync Diagnosis

The toll for feat naif is affordable if you're a Sprint user, but is it worth it? Yes, the Replenish is made of recycled impressible and it comes with a Green Sprint ID. It's also 10 bucks a period before you add in every of the another dustlike indicant rubbish. We likeable the fact that the Replenish acted same a exemplary Android sound and gave us the additional benefit of the QWERTY. Also, we're naif at heart, so that gave it some brownie points. But the lack of a decent camera, poor shelling life, and amateur concealment mitt the sound behind, in the realty of inferior features. The bottom line is that if you're a expressed Greenie and want a radiophone phone, the Replenish is digit of your exclusive options. Otherwise, the BlackBerry ease rules the candybar QWERTY sound category.

Price and Availability

The Samsung Replenish is acquirable now for $50 with a new two-year contract.


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