Sony Ericsson expects Android 2.3 on Xperia X10 in August

Despite Sony Ericsson's prospect that its Xperia X10 phone would be updated with Android 2.3 by New spring, the consort has addicted that it module not foregather the example goal. In a journal post, the consort suggests it is today thinking to begin the roll-out sometime in the first of August. Users module ease be healthy to verify advantage of code functionality near to that of the newer Xperia Arc handset.

The Gingerbread physique module alter a newborn UI with a pinch-to-overview gesture, along with a customizable app tray in flat orientation. Other features condemned from the latest Xperia lineup allow revamped media widgets and an desegrated equalizer in the penalization player, ease users module not be healthy to apply DLNA media streaming.

Aside from Sony Ericsson's customizations, the update module enable accepted Android 2.3 upgrades much as Wi-Fi and USB tethering, Adobe Flash hold and app hardware on the microSD card.

Although the Xperia X10 is ease on track to obtain the Gingerbread update, the consort ease has no plans to update the X10 mini, Mini pro, and X8 beyond the current Eclair build.


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