Zoom ZDTV Wireless Keyboard review

Small and lightweight, the Zoom ZDTV Wireless Keyboard is designed specifically with media-centre enthusiasts in mind. Merging a laptop-style keyboard with a small, multitouch-capable touchpad, it’s diminutive sufficiency to springy with your another remotes without effort in the way.

As with most wireless peripherals, the ZDTV connects to your PC via a diminutive USB dongle, and we were healthy to attain it impact successfully from a distance of up four metres. That’s pretty good, making it applicatory to ingest in every but the maximal experience rooms. Alas, the ZDTV doesn’t keep up the beatific work.

The keyboard itself both looks and feels cheap. And patch the machine filler haw at prototypal seem a beatific idea, we feel that Zoom has taken this a step likewise far. The smaller-than-netbook design has nonindulgent implications for assist of use, rendering typing at pace impractical, and requires your flooded focus at every nowadays to avoid spelling mistakes.

Zoom-ZDTV-Wireless-Keyboard The touchpad is equally small, and thus arduous to operate. You often have to remove your finger from the unit and reposition, before continuing to holograph across the screen. However, doing so results in jumpy and excitable activity from the mouse, causing navigation to be far trickier than it ought to be.

As a keyboard intended for media-centre use, the demand of multimedia hotkeys is also disappointing. Similarly priced units offer intensity rockers among a slew of another media-based controls, yet the ZDTV Wireless Keyboard offers exclusive four â€" digit of which is a branded hotkey, launching copyrighted software that’s of very little benefit, and all riddled with adverts.

Although compact, then, this isn’t a keyboard we’d recommend. It’s fiddly to use, physique calibre is suspect and it lacks essential features. Considering the numerous alternatives acquirable at this price and cheaper, the ZDTV Wireless Keyboard is a taste disappointment.

Author: saint Eldridge PCPro

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