Affordable Health Insurance in Texas - The TIP Proposal

Kaiser Commission study of Medicaid and uninsured found that only 35% of the Texas-based small businesses offer health insurance, while only 43% of all Texans to the employer based health zaštite.Koalicija was formed with the mission to develop affordable health insurance Texas a reality for every resident. "Access, accessible, accountable, comprehensive, accountable, universal health care for Texans Texans' mission is health care for all of Texas, who proposed the Texas Health Insurance Plan or savjet.Njega people health institutions, determines the Texas legislation with members appointed by the Governor will monitor proposed measures.

HCFAT estimated that Texans spend $ 100 billion on health care each year, more than a quarter of which is spent on administrative costs. Premiums for small companies rose 77% from 1999 to 2003 and is now only a third are financially able to provide coverage, leaving one of four working adults without affordable health insurance in Texas. The Council proposes a universal guaranteed health care coverage for all Texans. This would cover all medically necessary services that the Federal employees health benefit plan (FEHBP) cover, including hospital costs for patients both in and outside of nursing care, first aid expenses, preventive care, rehabilitation, mental health, prescription drugs and supplies.

affordable health insurance in Texas, the guy would be publicly funded private health care voluntary participation. They plan to make their choice of doctors and coverage will be portable, meaning that participants can change jobs or move within the state. Emergencies that occur in the state will be covered as well as in Texas. No Texas residents who are injured or sick while in Texas will be covered in Texas rates, but charges will be billed to their insurance provider. The Council will issue a "Smart Card" with the participants a complete medical history including medications, allergies and previous hospital.

a non-profit Institute of Medicine, non-governmental part of the American National Academy of Sciences, estimates that 18,000 deaths in the U.S. annually from lack of health insurance. In its January 2004 report "Securing America Health: Principles and Recommendations", IOM notes that while U.S. health care is better than any other country in the world, U.S. remains the only industrialized nation that does not guarantee accessible health insurance for all its citizens. HCFAT hard to affordable coverage in Texas with a program such as humans is an important step in changing that.

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