Newbie Ubuntu Questions From Windows Consumers

When Windows consumers to try Ubuntu, or make a switch, you'll find rather a few questions about your operating system. Countless times people who take advantage of Windows has access to things with their ingrained thinking and have a hard time understanding the new system. Once you have grasped the concepts of how Ubuntu does things, the operating system becomes a lot easier, just remember that this is another name for similar tasks.

Where is my C: drive in Ubuntu?

Linux does not use drive letters as you are employed on all Windows operating system. When you have a CD-ROM, USB card, MP3 player, external drive or second hard disk, they are the only objects that have been set. If you go to town then property, it will open your file manager. If you click on the computer, "C: drive" is what is labeled "Filesystem".

What are you tar and tar.gz files?

Think of this like you would. They are just a further way of compacting files into smaller form such as you with to enable easier transfer of files, or between people or different computers. On Windows you can use a program called 7-Zip to open these. With the Ubuntu team will open without any additional programs need to be open.

Why will not control Alt Delete it?

Ubuntu has no control Alt Delete key combination as a shortcut to something like there is in Windows. If you want the same style of opening, there has to be placed under the system and administration. This will open up what would probably know as the "Task Manager", so you can see the programs and resources of the system easily.

If you are hunting for other key functions that Ubuntu can do that is similar to the Windows operating system, but has different names, a quick Google search will offer lots of advice and information sources from other people Ubuntu.

Several times the answer to the question of understanding, where the same concept, but under a different name. When someone who understands the Windows Ubuntu knows the name of the same functions, the system is extremely easy to use because a lot of the functions are quite a lot of the same between the two operating systems.

Do not allow distracting you from trying out free and easy to use Ubuntu operating system.

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