Perfumes Tips in Urdu For Winter and Summer

When you ask what perfume I wear in winter, the real question is what will evoke scents of a fresh scent and mood. In summer, light fragrance always hard to elicit memories of warm days on the beach enjoying the sun and vode.Mirisi as fruit or reminiscent of spring and summer flowers.

winter fragrance, on the other hand, tend to be a little harder and conjure up images of sunny days and cool crisp winter days. Instead I remember when you were lying on the beach, think of taking a long walk through the fallen leaves or snuggling in a warm coat.

In the winter, most people carry more and heavier clothes. Unlike the spring and summer, so no skin is exposed. Perfumes wear in the winter must be able to overcome the generally covered with clothes, and this is one of the reasons scents tend to smell a little jače.Mošus is an excellent example of heavier scent suitable for winter than summer.

winter fragrance smells the scents that reflect the holidays and cold winter days, too. For example, fragrances can have a woody smell or remind the wearer holiday desserts made ​​with vanilla beans. Winter fragrances are usually rare and carry the scent of perfume is not neodoljiv.Miris winter should be a subtle scent that makes the wearer to think sexy heat.

What kind of perfume I wear in winter? When you ask this question, the answer is to wear one that works exceptionally for you. The same smell will produce a different result in each person. What smells good to one person may smell quite differently on your body. When choosing a perfume scent of winter, choose those scents that remind of the season.

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