Questions and Answers About Xubuntu Linux

What is Xubuntu?

Xubuntu is XFCE version of Ubuntu. This means that it uses XFCE interface as opposed to Gnome. XFCE is the third most popular sites and uses so little resources that it is good for older computers. If you need to install version of Ubuntu on a computer that is more than a few years, consider using Xubuntu or XFCE alternative distribution.

What version of Xubuntu you use?

A lot of times you can see the version number by name, such as 7.04 or Xubuntu 9.10 Xubuntu. The first issue was released in 2007, or as 2009.Drugi of the month of the year. Generally go with the latest version because it has the most updated security features.

What kind of hardware will work on Xubuntu?

It was made ​​for the i386 as your Pentium II, III, IV and AMD hardware type. For the most part works on most machines. There are some 64 bit versions as well, although it might not be necessary for most people.

Some prefer to use this distribution on their netbooks as it uses less resources than Gnome and KDE.

What are some alternative distribution XFCE?

If you load the Xubuntu and do not like it, there are other versions of Linux using the XFCE interface. Linux Mint XFCE Community Edition is one to look at. It's like Xubuntu, but there are differences. If you are using Linux, you can always take XFCE and select it as your default session if you want to switch to it.

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