Saving Money Tips - You Can Save Money And Still Enjoy Your Travels

This money saving tips to show how little things can add up quickly and become a big savings. These are practical money saving tips that are easy to apply.

Food and Drink Money Saving Tips

You can save money on food and drink and dining with the locals, instead of choosing the restaurant where all the tourists.

You may also want to drink what the locals drink, the difference in price between imported and local beer or wine can be tremendous.

If the water is safe to drink, you can re-use water bottles instead of always buying new ones. If you have purchased water can be more economical to buy a big bottle and keep it in your room and fill smaller bottles to take with you on trips.

Find a local supermarket and make your own breakfast, lunch or snacks ... and even dinners in between.

Your Money Saving Tips visit

Always start your trip with a visit to the local tourist office. They usually have a discount card for all major attractions and to know what deals are currently offered. While at the tourist office should take some of these ads brochures. They give you a good idea of ​​what is happening and what attractions are popular. Many of them, especially maps and includes advertisements for discounted tours and meals.

Many cities and organizations offer multi-passes to their attractions. You get access to many attractions, for much less than if you visit them all separately. It is easy to calculate how many attractions you visited to save money by purchasing a multi-pass or not.

Wherever you are in the world there are many free things you can do. Most cities and towns have free public parks and spaces that are ideal for "people watching" and to inform the local population. You should also be able to easily find free public beach / lake shore and walking trails in most countries.

Many museums charge no admission fee, and they often do not offer free admission for a limited time, as well as during the last hours of the day or on certain days or evenings during the week.

If you qualify for an international student card you should get one. This could save a third, sometimes even half, of the registration fee for many popular tourist attractions in the world. It could also save money on flights and other travel expenses ... and other costs, and so it is definitely a handy money saving tips for those who qualify for an international student card.

If you are traveling with small children can usually find a free course that young children are likely to enjoy just as expensive as visiting amusement parks.

more practical money saving tips

Your choice of transportation while on holiday can have a major impact on how much you spend. Check the distance, if you can walk, use buses instead of taxis when you can not walk, except late at night. Then, always take an official taxi ... If you really must stay out late.

Many cities offer transportation passes or tickets that can save a lot of money on public transport.

If you have an iPhone or a similar Wi-Fi enabled mobile phone, you can save money on long distance calls by downloading Skype on your phone and use the free Wi-Fi access to make free or cheap phone calls (many libraries and many hotels and cafes offer free Wi-Fi internet access or ).

Buying books in other languages ​​besides the local language, tends to be expensive. If you are traveling with ebooks and ebook reader, you may want to consider replacing the book. Many homes and cafes offer a trading book, typically for a small donation.

Get your washing machine has done a local, not a hotel as the hotel of money tends to be quite expensive.

learning a few words and phrases in the local language is always appreciated and can give you greater bargaining power and result in lower prices.

You can find more money saving tips on Top Travel Tips.

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