Triathlon Training Tips For All Levels of Triathlete

if you are a veteran or a beginner triathlete, after a triathlon training tips will help you have a better race day.

Triathlon Tip # 10
Train for Bike Race you

One thing you must do is train on your bike you will use on race day.You not have the most expensive bike in the race as long as you are comfortable with the one you use. Do not spend months training on a bike and use a different one for the race.

Triathlon Tip # 9
Invest in good shoes

Spend your money on a good pair of shoes from a store that specializes in trčanje.Zaposlenici specialist will be able to fit your feet with the perfect shoes for walking, the foot shape and racing ambitions. You'll be on your feet for a good part of the race so be sure to be comfortable.

Triathlon Tip # 8
Train for the water you will race in the

If triathlon is open water start, practice in the open sea, not pool.more practice in conditions that would have on the race, the more preparation will be on race day. If you are racing in the ocean, you may come across choppy waves. To combat the chop to use shorter strokes, then longer, more effective blows a smoother waters. During the training, focus on your swimming technique, because it will make the biggest difference in the results on race day. Make sure your breathing, kick, body position and arm rotation in the proper format.

Triathlon Tip # 7
Train for Transitions

Training for the transitions can save precious minutes on race day. Time how long it takes to change from a suit on cycling gear, and then find ways to reduce this time as stepping out of your wet suit, and for attaching your helmet, or putting your feet in cycling shoes, while the already strapped to your pedals. You should grab your eye and the race number and put it on, and running out of T2. Why stand there and put it on.

Triathlon Tip # 6
Do not over train

It is easy to get swept up in the excitement of training for a triathlon, but do not forget to plan a day of rest in the training program. On race day, your adrenaline will help you deal with. Do not risk injury for a few extra hours of training. Be sure to rest your body and it will be much better off for it.

Triathlon Tip # 5
Train for the length of the race doing

If you use a sprint triathlon, train for speed not endurance. Interval training is a technique that can be used for all types of races you'll be doing the sprint. Introduce shorts intervals running, biking, or swimming at an increased pace, then slow down while breathing recovered. Repeat this technique during training and you'll get faster.

Triathlon Tip # 4
Change Exercise

If you normally train home, head out trail running. You have to give a change every once in a while so that your mind does not become bored with the same regimen every day.

Triathlon Tip # 3
Lubrication of your body

Lubricate all contact points on your body with any number of commercially available body slides. You can find these in any fitness or running the shop. There is nothing worse than getting off the bike with a rash and then run for miles.

Triathlon Tip # 2
Fuel your body

Run and bike stores stock a series of energy gels, drinks and supplements. Energy gels and blocks are easy to carry in a bag of fuel belt that will keep your energy levels high and your performance at its peak on race day. Each body has different needs so it will take some experimentation to figure out what works for your body.

Triathlon Tip # 1
Start slow and steady wins the race

Many people are burned out midway through the race, because they started out too fast. Since the first leg of triathlon in the waters, a plan to train and swim at a steady pace, which can withstand. You should train for the correct strategy to use in your swimming part. When entering the water, and should last until water reaches knee level, as this will increase your efficiency. Prepare yourself mentally for the psychology of the other girls. Many of the racers will sprint from the start of the race. You should stay relaxed and maintain proper breathing, a building in your rhythm. While the other girls will try to match as closely as possible to the first buoy, you should not follow the pack. Instead, feel comfortable starting out, and then eventually come into line as the first buoy. You can use the faster skiers to make your swimming easier when compiling. Although it is legal for a bicycle, it is very useful during the corporate and swim. As a racer go faster, just slip behind them, and you can feel the difference in your endeavor. Do not try and keep my pace, but instead to stay with them only until they lose the benefit of their draft. By not over-expending energy in the water, you will be refreshed for the cycle and ready to go.

Training for triathlon is an exciting, rewarding iskustvo.Odgovarajuće training and equipment can ensure they finish strong and secure in the next triathlon. I hope this advice triathlon training will be of benefit to you.

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