Web Design Tips for Building Mobile Friendly Websites in 2011


If your website is not mobile friendly, you'll lose out on huge potential. So much about your target customers are using smart phones, and if you are a local business, especially mobile SEO is of vital importance. Here are some web design tips that can help your business site to be more mobile friendly:


Consider the mobile version of

If you are on the iPhone and the Safari search for Wikipedia, for example, there is the regular version of Wikipedia, and one designed specifically for the iPhone. This makes it easier for mobile users to content in the form of digestible, but moving and getting lost in a large viewing area that is trying to fit on a tiny screen. This May or May not be a good idea for your business, depending on your business model, but perhaps you should consider as part of their marketing strategy. You May even consider building iPhone and Android applications for your site as well.

Create an App

If you have e-commerce site, for example, after the app to track the delivery, support ticket or check the stock could be a good idea. Large companies such as IKEA catalog are mobile, allowing customers and prospects to view their catalog.

Do not forget Social Media

if Facebook or Twitter? Your customers are using these applications on your smartphone and regular posts could help influence their purchasing decisions, while on the go.

Layout content

Think of the mobile users when planning your izgled.Uncluttered, compact and oriented site with good navigation will be easier for anyone on any browser for viewing.

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