What To Do When Compiz Won't Work In Ubuntu

Many people like the graphic effects on your desktop. Programs such as Compiz Fusion to offer some of the most amazing graphic effects, or "eye candy" that most have ever seen on the operating system. One thing that many new Ubuntu users want to know is how to get Compiz Fusion runs on your system, so that they can have that kind of desktop environment.
Newer versions of Ubuntu to begin with Compiz installed, but if not, go to Synaptic Package Manager and search for Compiz. Install the program and depending on the system, install a terminal session, run the command "sudo apt-get install Compiz compizconfig-settings-manger" It will install the core software and all dependencies.

After the installation can be confusing, because it is difficult to find a program in the Applications menu. Many times the program is hidden. Right-click on the Applications menu and go to the editor Compiz is generally under other card that must be allowed to pojave.Druge options are open terminal and type in "Compiz" or create a shortcut to various menu that runs "Compiz" command.

This includes Compiz, but then nothing happens. That's why you need to set the effects for them to work. This program should compizconfig-settings-manager to be able to adapt to the effects you want to or not. When installed this will be found under the System "settings.

This program will turn on and off the effects you want. You can also set up keyboard commands for these effects and use them. There are those who have given a fairly standard, but you can customize it to whatever you want in the settings of the program manager.

At this time it is down to personal preference for what you want Compiz to do with your Ubuntu instalaciju.Najpopularniji features include Scale, Desktop Wall, Shift Switcher, Window View and dice.

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