No Post-Power Syndrome Ahead, Says Jusuf Kalla

Jusuf Kalla, who is stepping down as Vice President after
a failed bid for the presidency, says he
will move back to his hometown of Makassar
and devote himself to education and social causes

Indonesia's outgoing Vice President Jusuf Kalla does not expect to have problems transitioning to life after power, except for adjusting to Jakarta's notorious traffic. “No post-power syndrome. The only problem will probably how to face the traffic jams now that I have no security entourage, but it's not a big deal,” Kalla said on Monday at farewell breakfast with leaders from various media organizations at his official house. Kalla was full of smiles when reminiscing about his days as the number two person in the country. “The most amusing thing for me was the 12-time daily salute,” he chuckled. “I received a salute when I left home for work, another salute when I arrived at the office, another one when I left the office, and many more,” he added to the laughter of the audience. The multiple salutes are standard procedure in the presidential security troops' code of conduct. Upon his retirement, Kalla is returning to his hometown in Makassar, South Sulawesi and devoting himself to education and social activities. He said he would also look for opportunities to use his skills as a peacemaker. He shrugged off the idea of founding a Jusuf Kalla Center or Insititution. “I will dedicate myself to existing institutions such as universities. I will never stop my dedication to the public,” he said.

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