Obama secured 18 thousand police visit to Indonesia

Jakarta - Securing the U.S. president's visit in Indonesia, Barack Obama, 9th November and 10, 18,000 more police officers.
Inspector General Police Headquarters, Public Relations, said Iskandar Hasan Kadiv Pol, except for police, army and security forces, including Paspampres.
"To ensure the visit, the National Police in cooperation with the TNI in possession of the security password Nusa Garda, 2010, T-2 H 2 was," said Iskandar told reporters at police headquarters in Jalan Trunojoyo, South Jakarta, on Wednesday (3 / 11 / 2010).
The operation was designed to realize the situation and security conditions are favorable.
Iskandar added that the security of transportation routes are aimed at Obama during a visit in various places in Indonesia, including visits, accommodation, Obama and his entourage, as well as the acquisition of the president and his entourage.
"The power of staff Polda Metro Jaya 8056, Satgultor about 20, 38 .. 409 Paspamres Pamdal police headquarters, two backup Brimob Jibom datasemen and two units (bomb squad), Patwal two units and two police air unit" Beber Iskandar.
In addition, there are three areas of additional police officers, namely West Java police as far as 5974, and 3500 849 Polda Banten Central Java police forces.

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