Holiday, a la Brangelina Christmas

CHRISTMAS stay for five days. Various plans already prepared to welcome the birth of Jesus Christ. One was on vacation with the family, as well as the couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Couples who called confidential Brangelina and their six children are not sitting at home during Christmas and New Year. However, they rent a jet to be appointed to a "random" target countries around the world.

"We will be traveling with the kids and random parts of the world. We will travel and adventure, because that's what we want, " said Jolie Zimbio, Monday (20.12.2010) was cited.

While traveling this little family, but Jolie ensure children do not have to worry getting their Christmas presents. Section organized the Mama with sorting Christmas gifts for them.

He said in a radio show Ryan Seacrest. "I did everything (gifts for children) and ready to go I went to that day, and I try to get everything you wish the children and looking for wrapping paper."

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