Men Less Festive, Women Affair With Type Favourites

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RESULTS Human Nature's latest research supports the things that can happen in romance stories for years that women tend to choose the dominant male, strong, and not picky in sexual intercourse for a brief affair affairs.
However, when considering long-term relationships, women choose men as soon as the loving, sensitive, and monogamy.Similarly, the research said.

When giving a picture of two basic patterns of this man, who described and as a backup (the brash) and dad (dad), women consistently choose dad as long-term partner. However, when the relationship was short, women tend to choose cad.
In one example, 60 percent of women choose to have sex with a male character cad. Even so, only 13 percent of such men engaged to their daughter.
Although there are strong facts on cad appeal against women, Dr Daniel J Kruger of the University of Mechigan in Ann Arbor gives advice to the men to apply the personality of a "dark horse".
Daniel disclosed, cad is a typical strong man and leader position as the leader of a company or sports star. Only a minority of men who had a category like that.
"And being a dominant male, very, very successful, and not picky sex is difficult to forge. Not every successful man is always a cad.You will not get many dates with behaving like a jerk, "he added.
In the study reported by the journal Human Nature, Kruger and his team asked 27 students to read English literature from the 17th century and 18 who menggambaran characters that match one of two personality types. About 70 percent of the student's background in non-Western European.
In reading this paragraph, the character portrayed man dad home, peace, love books, gentle, and loving. Conversely cad described arrogant, rebellious, moody, powerful, and always goes with beautiful women.
The students then answered a number of statements about which characters they choose in different situations, such as cheating, travel, marriage, or law in the future.
The researchers found that women tend to choose characters dad at three weeks of travel time and to become a partner or in-law.However, more women say they want an affair with a character cad than dad.
In an interview, Kruger censure that married women choose the type of dad because they will stay together and helped form a family. "You can think of these men as a dad because they would accompany the family as his father and father figure," he said.
So why choose to have sex with cad character, which also can produce a child?
"The trend can be explained by the hypothesis sexy boy," said Kruger, who proposed the theory that deep down in her heart she sometimes believed that the children resulting from relationships with the cad would produce the same character. Finally cad that would have sex with many women and make a lot of grandchildren.
The fact that in the 21st century woman react like that against the stereotype that was formed many years ago to advise that the response to the cad and dad there in the long term, according to Kruger notes.
"This shows that this is something that has been ingrained in our society," he said.

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