Denpasar tornado, house roofs flying

DENPASAR - Strong winds accompanied by rain that occurred approximately at 14:00 pm hit a number of areas in the city of Denpasar and surrounding areas. As a result, dozens of homes damaged roof and fly.
Based on field observations, on Thursday (11/25/2010), quite severe damage occurred at Jalan Indah Fur, West Denpasar, who struck five houses and stalls. Almost all citizens flying from the roof strength of tornado winds.
"It was drizzling rain initially and then followed the wind quite strong. I saw the roof of my shop has been lifted and thrown to the wind outside," said urges Sri, owners of food stalls in Jalan Fur Indah, Denpasar.

Wedged admitted the incident very quickly and was lucky no one was injured in the incident, but it was quite a shock to see him now no longer roofed kiosk. "Last chance I'm fit again deserted stall no buyers," he said.
Not only where it urges that come into the victim, there are four restaurants, grocery stores, and homes are also part of its roof blown tornado. It is not known how many losses due to the incident, while the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) Denpasar still perform data collection.
During a tornado, dark clouds accompanied by lightning strike hard enough time to almost an hour menghiasai Denpasar so that several vehicles had to turn on the lights and walk slowly.
"In the West there Denpasar District Head Office fallen trees, building on Jalan Merpati also collapsed, and there are billboards on the Road Mahendradatta participate collapsed," beber Agus Ganges, Denpasar BPBD officer contacted separately. In addition, strong winds circling it, making the roof canopy on Jalan Kartika Medica Mahendradatta flew.
Not only that, the tornado damage is also found in North Bali area struck home a number of residents. The residents of damaged roofs flying befall I Nyoman Patra (46), I Made Lodra (50), and Ketut Muki (60) are all on banjo Cengkilung in Peguyangan Kangin.
"All three residents roofs damaged partition and while we help fix it," said Agus, who claimed no casualties in the tornado disaster this time.

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