Ready-Ready fix PLN Electricity in Hazardous Zone Merapi

JAKARTA - The government says Page State Electricity Company (PLN) will do the repairs within a radius of five kilometers (km) from Mount Merapi, which has recently erupted.
"PLN activity in the future is to do assessment and improvements to the area five km into, and expected as soon as possible the flow of electricity can be enjoyed in the area," said Disaster Preparedness Coordinator for Post EMR Lobo Balia, as quoted from the site of EMR ministry in Jakarta, Sunday (28 / 11 / 2010).

He explained that if all the safe areas of Merapi has been powered, and people have to enjoy it since 22 November 2010 then. But, for the danger zone (five miles) from Merapi summit yet to electricity.
Meanwhile, Mount Merapi began erupting own October 26, 2010 around 17:00 pm and since then the area lost electricity supplies.
Even on November 11, 2010, a number of monitors volcanic activity of Mount Merapi in the office of Board of Inquiry and Research Technology Kegunungapian (BPPTK) Yogyakarta also had no electricity to function because padamnya for nearly 30 minutes.
When this assessment was performed by Energy and Mineral Resources of the National Agency for Disaster Preparedness and Disaster Penangulangan (BNPB). "We're still doing an assessment on the danger zone," he said

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