PGN: Gas Pipeline Leaks in New Market 'Ulah' Third Party

JAKARTA - State gas company PT Tbk (PGN) said the gas leak that occurred at the Pasar Baru, Jakarta, last week was due to act of third parties.

"Need we submit that based on the checking and inspection, leakage is anticipated by affected third-party digger work, as evidenced by the discovery of tire dressing on the pipe that leaked," said PGN corporate secretary Heri Yusuf in the disclosure of information on the Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) , Jakarta last weekend.

He explained the leakage which occurs precisely at Jalan Krekot I, Big Wet, Central Jakarta is its own place since 24 November 2010 at around 18:00 pm, and the repair takes approximately seven hours.

"The pipeline that leaked the gas pipe type Polyethlene (PE)," he added.

Furthermore, Heri confirm if the location of the incident stated in a safe condition, and can dilauli back by the community.

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