Mercedes A-Klasse China Market Entry

GERMANY - A new model in the range Mercedes-Benz has reportedly getting ready seeded for the Chinese market. The car is A-Klasse.
Mercedes new family is called as one of the models the most important city car in the German car maker was in the years ahead, because it will be one model that receives electric version.
Production of A-Klasse E-cells begin in September next year, and will soon be leased to selected customers in European countries, including Germany, France and the Netherlands.
A-Klasse E-Cell uses the electric engine can develop up to 95 hp power, and maximum torque of 290 Nm. This car only takes 5.5 seconds to accelerate from zero to 60 km / hour. While the maximum speed is electronically governed to reach 150 km / hour.

Power for the electric motor of the car comes from two lithium-ion batteries with a total output of 36 kWh. When fully charged, the A-Klasse E-Cell has a range of more than 200 km (124 miles).
In China, cars are sold with prices ranging from 238,000 yuan, or approximately Rp322 million for the A160 three-door, and 278,000 yuan, or approximately Rp375 million for an A180 five-door.
Triple Target Sale in 2015
As with other manufacturers that do business in China and many incised success there, Mercedes wants to get a niche that advantage.
For example, passenger car division of Daimler, which sold 101,300 units of cars in three quarters of this year and already had exceeded sales targets.
Not to be outdone, Mercedes-Benz wants to get a triple sales in China in 2015.

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