Back on Flight 12 Cancelled

TANGERANG - A total of 12 flights arriving and departing Garuda Indonesia again canceled.
Based on data from Officer in Charge (OIC) at the Terminal II of Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Soetta), which fails to scheduled flights are dispatched, GA 611 goals Ujung Pandang, at 7:40 pm, GA 011 Surabaya goal, at 7:50 pm, GA 511 Behind goals board, at 8:10 pm.

And GA 181 field goals, at 08.15 pm, GA 305 Surabaya, at 8:20 pm, GA 233 Semarang goal, at 8:35 pm, GA Cape Coral 133 goals, at 8:50 pm, and GA 201 destination of Yogyakarta, at 07:10.
Two of them international flight schedules, the GA 819 and GA 9079 Kuala Lumpur goal, at 8:25 pm and at 8:25 pm.
Officer Officer in Charge (OIC) Soetta Airport Terminal Two Baskoro Ruby said, generally the cancellation of scheduled arrival of Garuda Indonesia is still associated with the implementation of the new system, the Integrated Operational Control System, which until now still not normal.
"Garuda Indonesia flight schedule is still not normal," he said, when contacted Legal, Wednesday (11/24/2010).
Ruby added that the schedule departure flights were canceled there are two, namely the purpose of Yogyakarta and Sampit.Thus, the total flight schedules that fail dispatched totaling 12 flight schedules.
Meanwhile, Corporate Communications, PT Garuda Indonesia Pujobroto denies cancellation of 12 flights of Garuda Indonesia, foreign and domestic purposes. "Today, there are no scheduled flights were canceled," he said in a new building Garuda Indonesia.

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