Breast Pamer, Miyabi Appear on 'Ghost Land coachman'

Detail Berita
JAKARTA-Japanese porn star Maria Ozawa aka Miyabi suddenly appeared in the middle of the movie Ghost Land coachman, who first played this morning. In the film she often show off the breast.
Strangely, the trailer VCDs were distributed to reporters, not listed at all Miyabi name as a player, on Wednesday (24/11/2010).
In this film serves as Pauleen Miyabi, a Japanese journalist who covered the history of Andong. He often appeared with wearing clothes that showed minimal versatile body parts.

In one set, he displayed were forced to change her clothes because her clothes exposed to spills vegetable. Settings taken in a hospital room, there is clearly Miyabi dare show his upper body still wearing jeans with short, there appear some breasts.
This film is actually a horror movie with elements of comedy that slipped by presenting Yadi Sembano, Benu Buloe, Kiwil, Zaku Tin, and so forth.

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