Windows 7 Phone 3000 Supported Applications

CALIFORNIA - Trends in the current smart phone is now known that the success of a modern mobile platform is highly dependent on the quantity and quality of applications offered.
In this case, can not be denied that Microsoft's Windows 7 Phone has a clear disadvantage compared with the IOS is already well established and Android. Although in the end, Microsoft began to realize their weak point, and do some strategy.
UberGizmodo Launched on Friday (26/11/2010), Microsoft previously announced that they have 2,000 applications that have been run and 13,000 registered developers to come up with software for the Windows platform Phone 7.

Hose two weeks later, the software giant to promote that now they offer the 3000 applications and registered 15,000 members, show some solid growth.
With so many applications, users begin to adopt the warm windows 7 Phone, which means it will be interesting to see how the mobile battle starts to heat up.

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